Throwback Pic

-Color Me Bad

Can’t front CMB was dope back in the day. “I Adore Mi Amor”  & “I Wanna Sex You Up”  was my joint & that song was one of five Top 20 hits they had off of one Album (CMB). That album went to sell globally 6 million copies! Damn!

Sidebar: They all look like Kenny G, George Michael, Rick James and Snow to me

Have to peep the vids:


Throwback Pic/Lowkey Roast

-A Young Joakim Noah

Many things comes to mind when seeing Joakim Noah but one thing is at the front and that is…“This cat better not evvvveerrr go to Jail”

H & H (not the bagels)

Holland and Holland have partnered with Range Rover tuner Overfinch to create a unique limited Holland and Holland edition Range Rover. The Range features a custom integrated gun cabinet, a backseat refrigerator and a liquor cabinet. The interior has been customized to match the entire cabinetry and wood has been crafted and fitted according. It also boasts five hundred and nine horsepower.  The H & H Rover is available exclusively through Holland and Holland with only one hundred examples being made.

If you have the means we highly recommend it.
Also check out there accessories/ apparel.  It’s good for all you guys out there looking like you’re hunting.

And the bespoke section looks nice…


Remember These…?

Taking you back to 96′

Leeavvvee me Alone Cleveland

After the “biggest news in sports” since…well since Lebron took his abilities to South Beach, Cleveland fans are still bitter & have been burning his jerseys and any other Lebron memorabilia.  First thought that comes to mind is that why in the world would you buy something only to burn it? They either showing their intelligence, realllyy like Drake -“Money to Blow” or maybe both. Who knows…one thing to understand that its business Cleveland. Think about it if you were at a job where you are doing the majority of the work and your co-workers were flunkies & a guy offered you a job with better benefits, better working environment with less work would YOU take the other job? Or stay where you are at?

Sidebar: Doesn’t this pic make Lebron face look like a smashed Nectarine?

One Piece x New Era ‘Money D Luffy Mugiwara’ 59Fifty Fitted Cap

Text Via: StreetLevel

New Era has created a new fitted that pays homage to the pirate manga adventure “One Piece” and its protagonist Luffy D Monkey. The cap is quite fresh as it borrows from Luffy’s signature straw cap and the underbill features a wanted poster of Luffy – which is also a signature image in the “One Piece” series. The fitteds are available now at Amazing Store.

Personally I really like this fitted it has a simple design with an understated design underneath the brim & red stripe give its a clean look. I would COP it


Nike Dunk High “Dubai”

Employee perks are what some of us work at a place for. I guess the same could go for some people who work at Nike. I love this sneaker and it is a must cop? Why is the question mark there? Well because this is one of several pairs of Nike Dunk Highs made only for Nike AGS (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) or as I like to call them LMS (Lucky Mothaf**kas) lol. These sneakers known as the ‘Dubai Dunk’ were given to the Nike AGS crew after winning an internal competition in Dubai.  All I have to say to these AGS crew members is that they some LMS’s.  Very fortunate to cop a pair of these…every color complements each other.

White and black leather provide the base for the Dunk complimented by bright blue laces, lining, and contrast stitching. “We Are Nike” lasering etches the back panel with an ominous blue graphic painting the middle panel. Add a gold foil Swoosh and you get a Dunk as rich as its namesake.