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When Keeping it Real Goes…Right?>Girl Goes in Claw Machine

I can see this on Weekly World News…

Child Caught in Crane Machine!

Rescuers Foiled as they Run Out of Tokens!

Man who ever this little girl is she need to come with me when I go the Theme Parks I’d get all types of stuff from those machines not to mention all the free candy & soda I could have her get from the vending machines


Cavs owner: ‘Cleveland fans don’t deserve this cowardly betrayal’

Text & Article via Trey Kerby & Yahoo Sports…

As you can imagine, players leaving a team can leave that team pretty upset. Especially when that team is the only team the player has ever played for and the player grew up 45 minutes from the city where the team is located. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is about LeBron James(notes) and the Cleveland Cavaliers and their owner, Dan Gilbert, who seems to be pretty upset with James’ decision.

He’s written an open letter to Cavaliers fans and it is, in a word, cramazing (crazy + amazing). It’s an absolute evisceration of LeBron James and you need to read it in its entirety immediately. However, because I’m a nice guy, here are the best parts of it.

As you now know, our former hero, who grew up in the very region that he deserted this evening, is no longer a Cleveland Cavalier.

OK, that’s a pretty mild burn, but a burn nonetheless.

It gets better.

You simply don’t deserve this kind of cowardly betrayal.

You have given so much and deserve so much more.

Yikes. This is the owner of an NBA team saying this.

Let’s go on.


I’d love to take credit for the all-caps and the bold, but that’s all Gilbert. He’s pretty serious about this.

Oh, there’s more.

Some people think they should go to heaven but NOT have to die to get there.

Sorry, but that’s simply not how it works.

Preach, Dan Gilbert!

The self-declared former “King” will be taking the “curse” with him down south. And until he does “right” by Cleveland and Ohio, James (and the town where he plays) will unfortunately own this dreaded spell and bad karma.

Holy smokes, that’s insane. And as Devine noted, it’s all in Comic Sans font which makes this even more unbelievable. Go read this whole thing three or four times, keeping in mind that the actual owner of an NBA team wrote this and posted it on the Internet. It’s incredible.

Dan Gilbert must have missed his nap today.

[Yahoo Sports]

You know its crazy how a guy who millionaire/businessman act like a child.  If they would have traded Lebron James then it would have just been “business” but when Lebron makes his own decision to actually win a Championship with a team that knows how to build…then hes a “traitor?”  Which is B.S. to the 3rd degree by the way. I’m still buggin’ that Dan Gilbert actually wrote that letter in Comic Sans…LMAO.  Typing in Times New Roman is like the first thing you learn to type in when going to school. Its obvious that Dan Gilbert has some bitchassness in his veins.

Fonzworth Bently feat Anthony Hamilton- Greener (video)

Text Via Soulified…

Here’s the new single/ video from Fonzworth Bently featuring one of my favorite soul artist Anthony Hamilton. At first glance of the title and feature I was expecting this song and video to be super dope as was his first video Everybody featuring Andre 3000, Kanye West, and Sa Ra…


It saddens me to say this but this single and video is straight garbage. From the location of the video, the wardrobe, production, and hook everything is just horrible. Bently to me has always been a trendsetting cat that has his own style, swag, and persona but in this video it feels like he’s trying way to hard and even posing. Right when I saw the windmills I immediately knew where this video was filmed which is the Cabazon area right off the 10 free on the outskirts of Palm Springs. That’s my hood yall and I can tell you from living there damn there all my life that there is hardly anything GREEN out there and  it gets about 115 degree’s e and dude is straight dancing and rapping in a leather hoody, a velvet jacket with a bow tie, and I don’t even know what that red thing is he rockin. lol This is probably the main reason Anthony Hamilton passed on being in the video. Brotha’s got some damn sense the video doesn’t make any of that.

Ok Bently your out in the desert by the windmill’s wearing clothes that are going to give you a damn heat stroke with no story line and no destination with a few models in courture randomly placed behind you in heels walking in the sand. I swear if I didn’t see this video featured on BET’s 106 and Park I would of thought this was a Dave Chappelle or Saturday Night Live spoof with as cheap and funny it is. lol


Thanks for the laugh Fonzworth

I co-sign w/ Soulified completely Fonz has hella swag with the suits…but why they hell is he wearing it in the desert?  About this time of year I wear hooping shorts & a tee and I still get hot. Whatever Fonz is doing to stay cool in the desert he need to phone QVC right now and sell it. Definitely disappointed in this vid especially compared to his other work.


Lil Ron Ron Q.B.C.

Man I promise someone needs to bless the stale and mundane TV world and give this dude a reality show.  Ron is mad coo I used to chill with his brother and met Ron from time to time also.  Hes just a wild funny homie that don’t give an EFF about what ppl say or think. I’m just glad this n-word gets paid to play basketball because if he didn’t I know he would try and rob me lol. Don’t get it confused…his ass is still crazy lol but we need more athletes like him instead of the majority of the athletes who do interviews with a monotone voice ala RobocopAnyone for Ron Artest Dunk Contest 2011?

Lakers Fans Riot…Again

Via HoodNerd…

Maybe I’m just a little bitter because my teams never win championships but this seems a little ridiculous to me. You riot when you win? Your city wins and Championship which is a great honor and your way of celebrating is destroying the city? I’m dumbfounded. This isn’t the first time either it seems to be the norm out in L.A. Knowing David Stern they’ll be looking at methods on stopping this that may end up pissing fans off. Like what if they said no alcohol for game 7 or what if they did like the NFL and put the finals at a random arena. Who knows. Anyway check out some pics below:


Car Set on Fire and Explodes!


And Now You Know Why He Married Her [Pic]

And you also get an idea of what was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.


Promo Trail: Khia On ABC News

“While Lil’ Kim is trying to push Nicki Minaj’s dream house into a ditch and Trina is out verifying her creole status, Khia managed to sneak out of her kennel and end up at ABC News studios. Now that’s the gotcha gotcha!” — Fresh

This much is true.

Khia appeared on ABC News recently to promote her new single “Been A Bad Girl.” While she wore her cookout outfit and plastic sunglasses made by some 3rd-cousin-twice-removed, she used something I never heard her use before: her “proper voice.” It must have worked, cause she charmed the hell out of that interviewer and even had me fooled for a few seconds there. Click here to watch!