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I’m Back Like the 80’s Wuuzz

Been out the game like how Ace was from “Paid in Full” but we back like cooked crack.  Sidebar: Crazy Pic Right? LoL


Been Away but Coming back Like a Heart Attack…No Lard

I know I know…you have missed the Dynasty of Nine Trey post I know…we fret no more. Because I am back like cooked crack with insurance that’s not Aflack (Something Cam’ron would say). Be on the look out next week for Nuevo Post. Church!

Soulja Boy Animated Series (Ep.1)

Early last year, Soulja Boy announced that he was producing a viral animated series. And due to staff changes, the cartoon never took off. Yesterday however, SB took matters into his own hands and released the five minute pilot.  It features Alfonso Ribero from The Fresh Prince and I’d have to say…this toon ain’t half bad.


Addict x Pele Limited Edition Footballs

Addict got together with Pele Sports to present in time for the South Africa Worldcup a set of limited edition hand stitched footballs. The balls come in 4 colorways, each featuring an all-over design by UK artist She One.


Umbrella with Coffee Cup Handle

Umbrella Coffee Holder designed by Jung-Woo Lee for Ek Design.

I like the concept but they could have at least put a Sobe Lifewater instead of that Starbucks so it wouldn’t make the umbrella look more douche baggish. I’m just sayin…lol

Buy Baron Davis’ Beard! (SPOOF)

AS SEEN ON TV: Clippers starting point guard, Baron Davis, sells the key to his swagger: HIS BEARD! Take advantage of this limited time offer to own your own BOOMSBEARD! ACT NOW!


This summer, The Vader Project launches the final chapter of its four-year run. The collection features 100 Darth Vader Helmets re-imagined by today’s artists. The Vader Project returns to Los Angeles in June for a special ten-day exhibition in Hollywood as a preview to the upcoming Freeman’s Auction in Philadelphia.