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Jose Hustle x How To Act In The Club

Young Hustle back @ it with another one droppin some Church on the noggin on how to act in the club.

I co-sign on the part where he talks about the ladies sweatin mad hard like they just got out of a Sauna and wanna run up and hug.  And the Bar Hawks..word of the day is S.W.A.G. (Some-Weak-Ass-Game)


Opinion of Thee Month

One thing you gotta respect about kanYe is that he is never afraid to speak his mind and say what not only he is thing but others are too. Usually when he does say those infamous statements like, “George Bush doesn’t like black ppl” & “Beyonce had the greatest video of all times!!” its our subconscious thinking the exact same thing. Personally I thought it was mad funny when he snatched the mic away from Taylor Swift. And it also did her a service because about 95% of us did not know who the hell she was until that moment haha.  Basically what I am saying is to speak and act like you want 2 not what they want you 2

Pretty Ricky

Yea they made coo music (for alleycats & bustdowns) buuuttt I’m not gonna front that one song, “On the Hotline” was hella dope and the video was dope also.  Funny thing is that when they used to do interviews, the way they would speak it was damn near like a watching a minstrel show lol. But I nor anyone can hate on them they went plantinum, got all the young (and I mean younngg) ladies, and are pretty much chillan having fun like how young cats like to do.  Just please don’t post anymore videos  on youtube calling out other males and saying its a dance off that’s on the cusp of  rainbow/unicorn/Richard Simmons with glitter ever again.

All of that being stated I understand why a brutha like Pleasure P was like dueces!

Opinion Of Thee Month

Porn star rappers that rap about cliché rapper subjects (money, drugs, sucking dick, fucking a hoe, eating the box, champagne bottles, club hoppin, different cars, & baller cribs) should be slapped with a pipe hard as hell in the face in the next flick she does.  That style of rap may have worked in 2001 when FUBU & Racing Coats were hot, but not today in the 10+ maannnee —¡¡POW!!