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Stussy XXX BBQ in Paris

text via Hypebeast…

This past Saturday, Stussy held a party in celebration of their brand’s 30th anniversary. Held at the rooftop of 20 Rue Clauzel in Paris, the 150 VIP guests were treated to an evening of music, food, drinks and a 360 degree view of Paris.

Absolutely love Stussy! They have always been innovative in fashion on all levels which is why they have been around for 30 years.  The party looked hella dope make you really wish you had a ticket to Parie!



Jose Hustle x How To Act In The Club

Young Hustle back @ it with another one droppin some Church on the noggin on how to act in the club.

I co-sign on the part where he talks about the ladies sweatin mad hard like they just got out of a Sauna and wanna run up and hug.  And the Bar Hawks..word of the day is S.W.A.G. (Some-Weak-Ass-Game)

Lauren Ellen>Church on the Move

Shouts out to Marvin Gaye and the collaboration of Lauren Ellen’s parents on her creation. Dark skin women always capture the  attention a little more at least in my opinion. Lauren Ellen definitely has Church on the Move.

[Model Mayhem]


This right here not only make you appreciate art-but most importantly being a straight man. Also appreciation with beauty in a woman from the beautiful hands, face, slim goody body…how could you not mane….how could you not. Who ever she is she sho is fyne!!

[Jason Clark Photography]

Church on the Move: Jose Hustle Expresses Do’s & Dont’s for the Summer

Jose Hustle is a funny ass medium size *pause* n-word haha. Peep the instructions as he lays it down in a simple manuscript. I know its getting hotter outside but ladies (some not all) pleeeease pay close attention to church right here as he expresses the do’s and dont’s for summer. Fellas too

Key notes:

Wearing sandles with no lotion on the feet

Big Girls wearing things not to be worn when its hot outside

Guys with shirtless photos *No Bruno*

Church on The Move: Woman Under Burka Exposes Some Ism

I knew they were hiding something worthwhile underneath there. I guess she just couldn’t take it no more and was hot as hell. Who knows all we know is that Church Was on The Move that day

Source: Quest

Church on the Move: Erykah Badu – “Window Seat”

Erykah Erykah Erykah…SMDH…. If only I were there when she was strippin on the street gettin bucked naked and showin her public hairs lol. Church was deffinetly on the move that day.   Other than her gettin naked this video is actually pretty dope especially the end is when you really get the message from what she was trying to get across. Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” video is supposed to be about those who “assassinate” what they don’t understand.Not many videos now and days are worth watching but this is for mannyy reasons…including the nakedness lol.