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Throwback Pic-Jazzy Jeff x Fresh Prince

He’s the DJ^                                                       ^He’s the MC

-En la 92′

Back when silk shirts, bright colors, and swatch watches were doper than Blue Magic


1st Day of School #SneakerCheck

As the 1st week of school wraps up and the 2nd week starts one thing we all do is lay out our outfit the day before we go to school.  Shoes are the 1st thing that’s looked at before anything else (especially if your a SneakerHead) and if that isn’t on point…weeellll you may be a Buttershoe. Corny but yet sooo true…Check the vid!

ThrowBack Pic-Mars Blackmon x MJ

-Mike ^ Spike^

Lampin 88″ style

Throwback Pic

-Color Me Bad

Can’t front CMB was dope back in the day. “I Adore Mi Amor”  & “I Wanna Sex You Up”  was my joint & that song was one of five Top 20 hits they had off of one Album (CMB). That album went to sell globally 6 million copies! Damn!

Sidebar: They all look like Kenny G, George Michael, Rick James and Snow to me

Have to peep the vids:

Throwback Pic/Lowkey Roast

-A Young Joakim Noah

Many things comes to mind when seeing Joakim Noah but one thing is at the front and that is…“This cat better not evvvveerrr go to Jail”

Remember These…?

Taking you back to 96′

Throwback Pic

-Another Bad Creation

Check out the Starter jackets..if you had one of these back in the day you were doing it!