Employee perks are what some of us work at a place for. I guess the same could go for some people who work at Nike. I love this sneaker and it is a must cop? Why is the question mark there? Well because this is one of several pairs of Nike Dunk Highs made only for Nike AGS (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) or as I like to call them LMS (Lucky Mothaf**kas) lol. These sneakers known as the ‘Dubai Dunk’ were given to the Nike AGS crew after winning an internal competition in Dubai.  All I have to say to these AGS crew members is that they some LMS’s.  Very fortunate to cop a pair of these…every color complements each other.

White and black leather provide the base for the Dunk complimented by bright blue laces, lining, and contrast stitching. “We Are Nike” lasering etches the back panel with an ominous blue graphic painting the middle panel. Add a gold foil Swoosh and you get a Dunk as rich as its namesake.