(capsule) is the fashion and lifestyle trade event that fuses the best high-end contemporary brands, directional independent designers and super premium street wear labels. Presenting a highly-edited assemblage of collections from around the world, (capsule) reflects the look of the new consumer and presents a fresh approach to the fashion tradeshow.

Capsule fashion events are always innovating in the lifestyle/fashion aspect. A lot of the designs, ideas, concepts, and forwardness within in Capsule shows display the diversity that is relevant  even when thoughts of it not being existent.  Check the pix of the pieces and designers from the show.

Spring Court

property of…

Yusuke Yatsuhashi

Yusuke Yatsuhashi of BLUES Inc.


Alan Eckstein

Alan Eckstein of Timo Weiland

Dr. Martens Brogues

Craig Ford

Craig Ford, European brand manager of A Bathing Ape and Billionaire Boys Club

Andrew Bunney

Mark McNairy

Mark McNairy, owner of Mark McNairy New Amsterdam