Throwback Pic-Jazzy Jeff x Fresh Prince

He’s the DJ^                                                       ^He’s the MC

-En la 92′

Back when silk shirts, bright colors, and swatch watches were doper than Blue Magic


Gourmet Fall 2010-Skate Quattro & Sedici


Gourmet always produce multifunctional sneakers that are clean enough to step into a lounge with or just to lamp & chill in on the bench.  Crisp simple styles that are noted with canvas in an everyday type of design makes these sneakers ageless  equates to A Must Cop. Here are some pieces from the Fall 2010 collection

The suede panel in pic above kinda reminds you of the Jordan XII’s.


Soraya Yd For Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III

I don’t know which colab is better…Ronnie Fieg x Asics or Soraya Yd Parents x A Marvin Gaye record…(Get It?) One thing about Fieg he chooses dope models and dope colorways for Asics that can’t be hated on. I really like this colorway its the same one as the Jordan II (which is slept hard on) and the Jordan Pantone 284 Colection (Sidebar: Every Jordan in the Pantone 284 is extra butter on whole wheat). Nooww to the slideshow…

Here is what Ronnie Fieg had to say about the photo shoot & the inspiraion behind the shoes:

“The pictures were taken at The Cove, a prestige resort located in The Atlantis Bahamas. The trip took place right after the holiday season and i was able to clear my head and soak in the scenery. It was necessary for me to express the amazing visuals through my favorite silhouette and share it with the world. A few months ago i set up the photo shoot in Aruba with Colombian model Soraya Yd and this was all shot with my father’s 26 year old film Nikon FG. I was able to capture the same scenery on a private beach with amazing waters. Those close to me can tell you how long I’ve been excited about this project, my favorite Gel Lyte iii i have worked on thus far. Release info and product shots coming soon.” Ronnie Fieg

With it being soooo damn hot this summer..these joints almost make you get thirsty looking at the Aqua colorway. No question its A Must Cop!

1st Day of School #SneakerCheck

As the 1st week of school wraps up and the 2nd week starts one thing we all do is lay out our outfit the day before we go to school.  Shoes are the 1st thing that’s looked at before anything else (especially if your a SneakerHead) and if that isn’t on point…weeellll you may be a Buttershoe. Corny but yet sooo true…Check the vid!

ThrowBack Pic-Mars Blackmon x MJ

-Mike ^ Spike^

Lampin 88″ style

When Keeping it Real Goes…Right?>Girl Goes in Claw Machine

I can see this on Weekly World News…

Child Caught in Crane Machine!

Rescuers Foiled as they Run Out of Tokens!

Man who ever this little girl is she need to come with me when I go the Theme Parks I’d get all types of stuff from those machines not to mention all the free candy & soda I could have her get from the vending machines

Jersery Shore x Lebron James

Too bad New Jersey could have been more entertaining than the Guido x overly tanned chicks x excessive gel in hair spoiled children